If evil were good
and courtesy were rude.
If truth were false,
would that affect your pulse?

If heaven were earth,
would it pain your heart?
If facts were lies
and fools were the wise.

If rights were wrong,
would you sing the same song.
If days were nights
and darkness were light...

Questions without answers...
the candid cure for cancer.
I'm lost in my thoughts;
my conscience has not been bought.

If there were no religions,
would you change your opinions?
Questions for a mass burial...
prepare for future memorials.

Lanre Badmus
January 2018



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Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

A legal practitioner being tormented by the spirit of writing. I abuse the intake of poetry like a banned drug.