Don't forget I decide the different ways to draw the diagram of Poetry. I determine the description and dimensions of her length and width. You know I demonstrate the distinctions between her and other genres of literature. I deem fit the most deserving definition of her scope.

Don't disrupt the attention of my deviant alliteration with your appreciated applause because she is on a definite mission to display the dandling beauty of Poetry. Playing with the letter D is a dream come true as darkness has finally dragged away to allow the discovery of dawn.

Don't be drawn alone to this dauntless display of poetic wisdom but be determined to allow your mind dance to the sound of evey dot and stroke being created by the person of Alliteration.

Definitely it will be disturbing to describe a world without a dream place for the person of poetry. It'll surely be... please don't let me displace your attention with distasteful descriptions of a world without Poetry.

Don't think twice to read all again and discover the beauty down the depth of my pen's drapes.

I am the Poetic Assassin.

Lanre Badmus.
Jackson Mississippi.
United States


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