Labake's grip on the gun got firmer by the passing away of time. Reality seemed to be confirming her threat as the clock above the door ticked without fear. Her fury could be described as getting faster and more furious as the rage of an ocean. The truth is that fear was getting a better part of me and I was losing my confidence at the speed of light. I felt my sweat drop on my right shoulder and I almost got tempted to risk it all. I felt like rushing at her, seizing the gun and pointing it back at her like in the movies. Reality wouldn't stop advising me that it wasn't Hollywood.

Hollywood would take you on a jolly ride through the woods and end up abandoning you in the hands of reality. It is easier to be a hero in movies. Try confirming from the Denzel Washingtons and Will Smiths of this world. Denzel Washington died in the movie - training day. When I saw 'Man on fire' , he'd resurrected. ' if I fail to get the gun from Labake, then I'm a dead man. ' I thought as I begged her for few minutes to address the situation.

' What do you have to say?' she queried

' I have so many things to say. I have a lot to remind you Labake...'

' I don't want to be reminded. I just want to end it here. I want to kill you and kill myself. I have already lost everything. '

'But you've not lost me. You've not lost the love of your youth. Your best friend. The one who taught you to love no matter what. You can never lose me. I'll always be there for you. Remember you told me you regretted not getting Married to me. You said you would have preferred I was the one cheating on you and not your husband...'

' My ex-husband.' she softly interrupted.

' I'm sorry. Your ex I meant to say. We got through worse situations as lovers. We conquered the world severally. Not even distance was able to overcome us. Our love has always been indomitable. Labake you know I always place you above my wife. Your love supercedes all forms of happiness. You husband doesn't deserve you!!!'

' My ex..'

' Sorry, your ex!'

Labake had called me up severally to report the serial infidelity of her husband and I'd always advised her to forgive him for the sake of the children. She confirmed he'd never raised his hands on her but he was sexually uncontrollable. There was a year he was arrested for lewd acts and indecent exposure. After his conviction he was fined in lieu of an imprisonment term. He'd gone for therapies but all efforts to help him proved futile. Labake kept forgiving him. Now just a mistake from her, he sought and got the divorce.

As a practicing lawyer, I can confirm with all confidence that divorce cases are prevalent in courts. Parties to marriages are fast becoming intolerant and at the slightest opportunity, a suit is filed in accordance with the matrimonial causes act. Come to think of it, the most common ground of divorce is infidelity.

' Did you forget all these when you were writing this book? You were not creative with your writing. Everything was written verbatim!!! I thought you were more intelligent. My ex husband wasn't dumb. I never knew he saw how engrossed I was everytime I read the book. He went behind me to read and knew immediately it was the story of you and I. '

' I just want you to know that if our love story could sell millions of copies, our love story must be a great story. Labake, let that sink. Labake, I repeat, let that sink. We are the best romantic story ever. We didn't end up dying like Romeo and Juliet. It never ended up in a disastrous manner like the story of Samson and Delilah. Please don't let us put tears in our readers' eyes like the writer of Titanic did. This can end well by you putting away the gun and rushing into my arms. The arms that will forever give you peace of mind.'

' Lanre , you hurt me. You can't understand. '

' I gave you worse pains when we were young and burning in the furnace of love. Remember the day you caught me taking marijuana and you cried for days. Baby you ended up forgiving me. Remember your friend that I kissed at a party. '

' Bunmi... I never forgave her. I wonder where she is now. Probably languishing in poverty in one of the villages in Kwara State.'

' Still you forgave me. You've granted me pardon more than one hundred times since our love story begun. Surely you can still do that by putting away that gun. Our love story is yet to begin. My girl, our love story starts now. '

To be continued.



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Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

A legal practitioner being tormented by the spirit of writing. I abuse the intake of poetry like a banned drug.