Let Lie lay down her life for the Truth...maybe she can earn a saint's status. The marathon of the war between them may take eternity to end but if Lie refuses to take a bow, Truth will end up winning the war.

Silence is a weapon of mass destruction used by Lie against a warrior called Truth and the fact is the latter is often threatened by that weapon.

On the issue of a Nigerian artist, Truth is about to fight hard, irrespective of Lie's modern weapon called silence.

Let's imagine that the song 'Lie' is playing as you read this article written in honor of a classy musician internationally known as Kizz Daniel. An artist armed with an amiable appearance and a superior substance.

The maker of the Barnabas album bursted into the music scenes with his popular hit 'Woju' some years back and since them he's not lessen his push on the gas pedal.

If merit will make a case for this young lad then she should speak out and confirm that Daniel is not where he should be on the Nigerian music pecking order. In Olamide's voice, every song has been a hit back to back.

If Melody were human, her name would have been Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe. From his passion that passes through his veins to the beauty of his voice, no one ever expected less when it comes to his excellent deliveries.

The confidence that vibrates through his vocals can never be overemphasized. Plying the paths of progressive musical pitches has never been a problem for him and these can be clearly portrayed in all his musical tracks from woju, to Laye, to Mama, to Somebody, to Duro... just to mention a few.

I need Truth to echo another fact that only few Nigerian artists make good music. That list will never be complete without the name of this songwriter that has made music more endearing with his poetic lyrics.

I will like to conclude by talking about his videos. Great charm woven with gorgeous gestures obviously separate Kiz from most of his contemporaries. The vigour that vibrates through his veins when he modulates is so magnificent that we can only bless the gods for bringing such a musician in our time.

Let's all make Merit our advocate and let us hope he makes a case with great submissions on behalf of this talented man. It's high time he won awards locally and internationally.

Lanre Badmus.(The Poetic Assassin.)
Jackson Mississippi
United States.
1/13/2022 KIZZ DANIEL


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Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

A legal practitioner being tormented by the spirit of writing. I abuse the intake of poetry like a banned drug.