The weight of her words washes me to a shore of emotions. Only a lover of good music can understand my condition. Her lyrics lurks around my feelings with a kind of sweet sensation I find hard to explain. Reality would always revolve around her pitches.

My breath is never balanced as her beats break the boundaries of my passion. Vividly and always vulnerable to her melodious voice, I listen with all my life. I can't explain the vibrations that visit all my senses when I'm under her musical expressions. A times I feel my spirit sail to an island of fresh fragrance without a single interjection.

I need someone suffering the same symptoms of this type of pleasure to explain to others what we feel listening to an Angel who hid her wings because of her humility. Her modulations have left me in tears so many times. Sugary tears that satisfies my sentiments. Soft spoken like a whisper, still she passes her message across with the tender palms of the wind.

The gentility of her deliveries is second to none. Wild vocals domesticated by a beautiful and tender face. I remain under the weight of a pleasurable pleasure and I need no emancipation. If slavery were all Celine Dion's songs then you can have a blade and shave off my hair. If her music were all pores, only passion would ooze with no restrictions.

I would have been emphatic with my emphasis but no word or words can qualify the perfection plying the paths of her style of music. All I feel is an unalloyed purity as I listen over and over again to immortality, waiting for you, If that what's it take... Just to mention a few. Melody made from the magic of extraterrestrials!!! My spirit never recovers from her melodious expressions. I keep melting like a burning candle; creating beautiful waxes which add up to another work of art.

Truth remains a brick that can't be broken by bias! Supremacy will forever sail across her songs till eternity loses her life.

Lanre Badmus.



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Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

Lanrebadmus(The Poetic Assassin)

A legal practitioner being tormented by the spirit of writing. I abuse the intake of poetry like a banned drug.